Brand Extension; Going from Consumer to Commercial

As more and more home pressure washers are sold at leading retailers such as Wal-Mart, Sears, Home Depot, Cosco, etc. We are seeing companies offer products in brand line extension to service this niche. Armor All is the newest company to offer it's brand name customer loyalty to sell these products. They of course have been heavy into the Car Wash Industry with National Networks of Distributors in Canada and The US and Europe for tire cleaners and protectants, now they are offering a concrete cleaner for home pressure washer do-it-yourselfers.

Many homeowners are finding this works very well for small clean-up jobs around the home. Armor All Homecare also has a new deck wash cleaner to remove oil, stains and mold.

Armor All Home Brands went one step further in their brand extension was introduced for Home Vinyl Siding. Many small business type pressure washing companies are now using these products and have asked about commercial pricing and commercial grade concentration. It has always been Armor All's strategy to first hit the consumer markets with their current outlets and retail connections and then to develop teams of industry sector sales forces to distribute to the companies, which might use their products. Armor All in that regard runs a two-tier system, which in turn expands brand recognition and helps with customer loyalty. This is one of the finest strategies of any cleaning products companies for brand awareness and they deserve kudos, we expect these products to be as good or better than their previous products accomplishments. We believe this newest effort to attack the Home Product Market and expand with the incredible growth in home pressure washers is very good.

Pressure washers can be found for as little as $79.00 at Wal-Mart and the industrial units we use can cost as much as $12,000.00 for the most ominous commercial hot water pressure washer machines. Armor All brand is owned by Clorox now and this might be a good indication of why they do so well when rolling out new products. They are a modern day Proctor and Gamble and can hold their own against Kelloggs, Hienz, GM, 3M or any of the top brands.

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