Hummer is an Excellent Brand

What size is your Hummer? Hummers Come in All Sizes; Tiny, small, medium and large and of course the most popular of all; The Oh My God Size. They make matchbox size Hummers, Tonka Toy size and adult size. Are you quite sure you know your hummer sizes. Marketers of the Hummer Brand want to be omni present in your life and it is working. For instance here is a toy hummer you can buy online

Or you can buy a Die Cast Model 1:18 scale Hummer for a toy or novelty gift.

Or you can buy larger versions of remote control models. Here is another available at Wal-Mart, which is nearly 2 and a half feet long, runs on 49 MHz and is fully radio controlled. It is incredible and it comes in Yellow, I saw it on the shelf; here is the company which makes it:

Now this unit is one-sixth scale. If that is not the coolest toy around, where were these when you were a kid? I guess we all grew up in the wrong era, didn't we?

However you can go bigger without getting the real thing and this one is perfect for the rough terrain of the golf course; The Humdinger also available in Yellow;

It has a rate of acceleration of 0-20 in 9 seconds and is one of the fastest electric golf carts around.

Now Hummer has a new SUV in the show rooms to attract a larger range of customers and is suppose to be out to extend the brand name in 2005, it will be called the H3 Hummer still in testing and we saw one at the proving grounds cruising around, sorry no pictures allowed. But the king of the road for now is the H2 Model;

And the H1 is considered by it's owners as the only real hummer. And in the law of bigness there is one more level to the game. They say size does matter and if that is not big enough for the ladies, check out this Big Yellow Limo?

Hummer has done an excellent job representing their brand name. Even an average citizen can beat out Arnold the "Governator" by renting a "Super Limo" for the day or an evening. The Hummer is here to stay, think about it.

"Lance Winslow" - If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance;

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