Simple Risk Reversal Formula Will Send Your Sales Into Space (1 of 2)

Make A Bold Promise Then Back It Up With An Awesome Guarantee

Once you know what problem you, your service or your business can solve or what genuine benefit you can deliver then guarantee it!

A bold promise backed up with an awesome guarantee:

* Enables You To Significantly Raise Your Price

* Gives You A Genuine Differentiator

* Increases Sales and Commitment

* Demonstrates Rock-Solid Certainty In Your Abilities - People Find This Confidence Very Attractive

If you don't currently guarantee what you do then I bet it's down to one of these three things...

1. You don't really know what you do

2. You're not convinced of your ability to deliver

3. You're afraid of getting ripped off

So before I share the simple formula - let's address your concerns one-by-one...

1. You don't really know what you do

Now, I know most people think they know what they do - but experience shows time and time again that they don't.

If you're a consultant - you don't really sell consulting.

If you're a coach - you don't really sell coaching.

Despite what you might think, people are buying the results that your coaching or consulting brings. For a marketing consultant - your client is really buying the key to - more customers (and at a higher level - more profit).

When you know this you aren't selling consulting anymore - you're selling the solution to the question, "How Can I Get More Clients? How Can I Make More Money?" - You're selling the promise of more customers.

So make a bold promise...

How many more customers can you deliver? How much more money can you earn your clients?

Could you double a client's conversion rates?

Could you make them 5 times more money than you cost?

Whatever you're confident you can do make it a promise!

2. You're not convinced of your ability to deliver

This one winds me up! If you aren't convinced that you can deliver something then you should never, ever say you can. Too many people make bold promises that they aren't willing to back up with a guarantee. Is it fair that their customers should take on all the risk? I don't think so!

If you can't guarantee you can do what you say you can - start saying (or doing) something else.

If it's just a confidence thing - then I can assure you that guaranteeing what you do will soon boost your confidence and raise your game.

3. You're afraid of getting ripped off

This one I can understand and it's precisely the reason why you can't afford not to offer a guarantee because guess what... Your prospective customers are also scared to death of being ripped off too and if their fears aren't dealt with - they ain't gonna give you their money!

Seriously though, some people are dishonest. Some people will deliberately aim to gain stuff by deception. But, thankfully, not as many as you might think. Plus, the increase in sales to genuine, honest customers will always more than compensate for the odd bad apple.

Right, back to the formula...

I said it was simple and it is. Plus there's a handy mnemonic for you...

Think of all these extra sales you're going to make as being in the B.A.G.

Make a Bold Promise and back it up with an Awesome Guarantee

In the next issue I'll show you how to make a bold promise and the three elements of an Awesome Guarantee!

See you then!

'Dangerous' Debbie Jenkins

(c) Copyright 2005

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